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Image NameInnovative Applications

WGI staff has extensive experience at developing multi-technique geophysical site characterizations and adapting technologies to challenging environments or for unusual targets.

winterExamples of innovative applications include:

  • combined surface and borehole investigations for water resource evaluation, geologic controls and threats (leachate contamination or salt water intrusion) across the island of Barbados,
  • identification of a range of WWI infrastructure, battle trenches, tunnels and UXO at Vimy Ridge and Beumont-Hamel National Monuments in France,
  • multi technology investigations of contamination, infrastructure and geologic controls at large (over 200H) industrial sites or bases military such as the Coke Ovens in Sydney, NS and former Canadian bases in Lahr and Baden, Germany,
  • using surface and borehole electromagnetic and resistivity techniques to monitor brine plume evolution and response to remediation system over several years,
  • adapting conventional techniques in unique configurations to explore for targets such as underwater bedrock valleys, salt domes and ice walls,
  • development of a large loop EM system for medium depth detection of underwater UXO.