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Data analysis and interpretation requires not only a fundamental understanding of the geophysical techniques but also a thorough appreciation of the targets and purpose of the survey. Since the 1970’s WGI and its staff have applied a wide variety of geophysical techniques to site characterization with hydrogeologic, geotechnical or remediation targets.

Below is a table which outlines the technique applicability of WGI's experience with geophysical techniques and targets.
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Techniques Targets
Surface:Geologic layeringInfrastructure
Seismic Refraction (P&S wave)HydrostratigraphyTanks
Seismic Reflection (P&S wave)FracturesUXO (land, underwater)
Ground Penetrating RadarKarstGroundwater Plumes
Resistivity ImagingSaltwater IntrusionWells and casings
Terrain ConductivityAquifers / AquitardsPlume monitoring
High Resolotion TDEMArcheologicalDrums
MagneticsFill ThicknessPipes
VLF / VLF-RWater DepthSoil Contamination
Marine SurveysSub bottomLeachate
Borehole:Engineering PropertiesLandfill Limits
High Resolution TemperatureIce WallsLiner Integrity
ConductivityRipabilityUXO Target zones
Acoustic/Optical TeleviewerRebarFoundations
SonicClay ContentForensics
NeutronBuried valleysGraves
DensityWell ConstructionConcrete Condition
CaliperPermafrostConstruction Parameters
VideoDam SitesSeptic Systems
Cross Hole ApplicationsRepository AssessmentSite Comparisons
Technique Applicability
Consistently Frequently Occasionally
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